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Ajay Mathur – Blow My Cover


From the start of this compilation of Ajay Mathur songs, listeners are swept into the slow boogie acoustic guitar hardy jingles of a man who really knows how to make traditional music interesting. Hell, even new fans of the genre might like it!

There is a certain strength in “Forget About Yesterday” that is not only considered optimistic for all emo kids of today, but for the aged formerly-rocking fallen who continue to get up and live instead of die in the dirt. There is a push to keep going, and while this is not a perfect album, it is pretty damn rad.

Take a listen to album opener “Forget About Yesterday” below and let us all know your thoughts in the comments!

Born and raised in India and residing in Switzerland, Ajay Mathur’s talent as a singer-songwriter and seasoned musician blends both pop and rock genres with Americana and traditional Indian instruments into something radically new and genre-bending.

None of these tracks, even when the sitar effects kick in, become stereotypes of post-rock n roll Indian music. There is a hazy originality that makes it seem like this award-winning musician has a primal, as well as purple hazed, glory.

These songs are for fans of David Bowie and mid-Beatles, as well as the humble few that love to end the day with a long spliff. “Walking On The Water” has bluesy grooves that will make your feet tap and heart sing. What is refreshing, for me at least, is the amount of joy Ajay sends out to his fans, new and old. He is not defeated by his past mistakes, rather embracing them like the lovers and friends he tells stories of through this 13 track head trip.

Give it a listen if you miss Leonard Cohen or the idea that americana folk can be bred anywhere the sky is still blue. This is a great record for autumn nights. Check it out.

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