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Interview with Donnay Soldier


There are those that imitate and those that initiate… and then there are those that do each successfully with humor and strength. Donnay Soldier is thunderous, hilarious, good time fun – the thinking man’s approach to rave til you crave 3:33 am bootycalls (and lean-infested sooty balls).

Take a listen to his meme-centric “Kitchen Warriors” The video rules.

Fresh off the chopping block with a hint of dutiful disrespect, Donnay boy scores musical goals and accomplishes them with every single he releases. I first heard the track “Wave Machine” when I was ripped off fenty, doing the shark attack with a couple of Connecticut-bound South Korean immigrants, both women claiming “this sound is fucking hawt.” Simpler times,ahhh…

A few years and one night stand relationships later, Donnay popped onto my IG stories. We followed each other like darling mosquitos, and somehow someway, conjured up this donk ass interview. Enjoy.

“Zombie Nation” was the first song you learned to play, what drew you to it? The energy on the track is infectious to this day. Can you tell us about how long it took you to learn? And are there any hit stadium songs you just don’t care for?

I used to listen to Radio 1 on the heath and I got a small piano for Xmas, I never had lessons so would just play along to the radio. I managed to get the cassette so could listen on repeat. Listening to Zombie Nation and as a huge fan of zombies the melody was simple enough to play and infectious, if you listen to any Donnay Soldier song you’ll notice there is almost always a simple addictive melody so it influenced me for life. It’s also funny that the song is called Kernkraft 400 and the artist is called Zombie Nation.

I love Stadium songs because they’re so bizzare – like they’re made for the C02 canons and can sound underwhelming on an iPhone but when backed with a multimillion pound system, they really shine.

How long have you been making music for and what instrument did you first have an interest in?

Making music since 11 and first DAW I used was Music 2000 on the PlayStation, I also used to make people ringtones on the old Nokia Composer – I don’t have any music theory so would just do it by ear. So instrument wise, Nokia was my original friend.

When you aren’t making music and brilliant remixes, what do you like to do?

I like to hang out on Hampstead Heath and listen to nature – I’ll take a dip in the pond in full tracksuit like nature intended. I’ve been getting into pottery recently but only online my Pinterest is full of the things. I was inspired by the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze, a legend.

Who is someone that means the world to you and why?

My friend Keith from the Heath was my best friend but sadly no longer with us. He would come and hang out on his BMX and he’s a true legend of the heath. I have a song that I will release one day dedicated to him.

Do you have any artists that you’d like to shout out or collaborate with in the future?

I’ll collaborate with anyone that will have me but I love Nova Cheq, Darren Styles, Calvin Harris, Funky Tribu, Promis3, 3DMA, Marshman there’s so many cool cats, miaow.

Are there any trends in music you aren’t a fan of? What makes a good song to you?

I think trends are really interesting rather than shun a trend I love to incorporate current culture and memes into music. It’s really interesting to find out where the trends originate and then tell people that don’t want to hear at after parties. I’ve been putting lots of Phonk in my new music that might come out soon.

Out of all the remixes you’ve done, which is your favorite and why? I’m partial to Pink Pantheress.

I love the Pink Pantheress one, it’s so weird because I made it for a video and then someone was like where is it? So finished it off in a night, uploaded them slowly over time it’s become massive – so weird I honestly didn’t think that would happen when I uploaded. Such a buzz. My favourite remix is Bat For Lashes – Kids In The Dark Remix but I’ve not finished that – I may release soon on Southern Donk Vol 2.

Tell us your thoughts on the movie Donnie Darko.

I love it but don’t ever watch the directors cut it ruins the whole movie. I like the original because you get to the end with so many questions which makes you want to watch it again, the directors cut answers all of the questions so the mystery disappears… big up mystery.

Describe in as much detail as possible, your ideal perfect breakfast.

I’m an eggs man – mainly because i think the shape is very unique and when I have an egg I feel like I can fight any battle that life gives me. I’ve been interested in lentils recently but I’m too shy to fully take the plunge. Also I’ve always wanted to squeeze a can of spinach like Popeye… but I’m not strong enough yet.

There’s not a doubt in my mind he will be soon…

IG: @donnaysoldier @harveypizza

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