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Youngblood Priest is the Hero We Truly Deserve

Director X's Superfly is a remake worth watching in an era of remakes.

Album Review – Ye

Is this the redemption Kanye needed? Maybe, maybe not. Just as so many of his projects, time will be the jury.

Artist to Watch: King Saaidi

King Saaidi has established himself as a promising new addition to the Detroit electronic music scene. Working with KMS Records and earning co-signs from...

Andretti Drops Visual Stacks for 14 Packs

Adding to the masterful The Marina EP, Curren$y (aka Spitta Andretti) and Smoke DZA link up once again for the music video to their...

Reuben Alexander Hits a Million Views with New “Always There” Video

Alexander explains how storytelling and observing others including himself is at the root of all of his creative expression

A$AP Rocky’s ‘Testing’ Slightly Test New Waters

When Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky released "A$AP Forever" in early April, fans were ecstatic to hear new music from Mr. Lord Pretty Flocko Jodye...

Tedy Andreas Visits Queens in New “Diamonds” Video

Tedy Andreas is a hip-hop artist and songwriter from Houston, Texas. His debut project Mad Illusions generated a lot of buzz with songs like "Mercedes" and...

Olivet College Music Festival Preview w/ Founder Zach Oshinsky

On Saturday, August 25th, Olivet College will host its first all-day music festival, thanks to student-athlete and budding music organizer Zach Oshinsky, along with...

Brooklyn R&B Artist Johnny Burgos Releases “Set Yourself Free” Single

Burgos has brought us the lead single featured on his EP Love Through It All,

Diamonds In The Rough | 6.5.18

The Diamonds In The Rough playlist is here to shine a light on the best up-and-coming artists in hip-hop, and you can look forward...