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I’M A PROBLEM – Adam Friedland


“You know what the problem is? Confidence.”

That’s how the most recent episode of The Adam Friedland Show began, with Nick Mullen, our freshly sober Eddie Valiant of comedy, dressed to the Ratpack nines alongside his Jewish cartoon of a co-host, Aaron Friedland. I’m sorry, that’s Adam Friedland.

And thank God I corrected myself, for while the latter had gained huge success as a Semitic pigeonhole for the highly-profitable Cum Town podcast (think Heat meets Golden Girls by way of Chasing Amy) Adam has gone from unbearable joke stealing bug-man to the pinnacle of “I’m in the club show me some love” hip hop celebrity swagger.

Take a listen to his new song below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

His interview with Chet Hanks has caused the greatest surge of interest in T.A.F.S. since Andrew Cuomo‘s appearance a little while back. Sure, it was a great episode, but did it end with a cypher between the host and guest? Only in dreams. And while that Yankee capped-rap battle with Los Angeles Bowser Jr was certainly a highlight (the entire interview is a treat) the song that plays at the end credits has been stuck in my head for the past two days.

Singing “Houston, we got a problem” into “goddamn, I’m a problem,” Friedland exudes the energy of a closeted gay kid in his middle school glee club, hopped up on Pixi Sticks with a raccoon puppet in hand, completely unaware of how “unique” and “different” his voice sounds in the pantheon of center left talk show media. Many of these people cannot carry a tune to save their lives, especially Stephen Colbert. Speaking of Stephens, Sondheim should have hired Adam for his final production of the musical Company. At least there would have been some wigger appeal.

“Daddy wasn’t home he was shaving Ryan’s privates” into bars about Turner & Hootch canine coitus, Friedland and co-writer, Caleb Pitts, have delivered a funny slanderous song that is also fun to dance to. You’ll laugh as much as tap your feet and nod your head, though I wonder if there will be a remix soon with Chet getting a verse. The chemistry the two had during the interview was incredible, so if there is any chance of a follow up, let’s pray to Zeus that they can make it happen.

Everybody’s got this perception of Adam as being Mister Cool, Calm and Collected, but this recent single showcases a irreconcilable secret desire for a Grammy award. He does more on this two and a half minute song than Champagne Papi has on his last two albums.

The instrumental provided by Maximum Warp is infectious, and if Friedland continues at the rate he is going, he’ll have a bright hip hop career ahead of him. Let’s hope he doesn’t shit his pants (again) in the process.

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