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VIDEO: LOKYE Presents His New Visuals for “Shopping Bags”


LOKYE a.k.a. “the original wavy spice” has been all over the map in his creative career, from painting and photography to music and media, and everywhere in between. His new video for “Shopping Bags,” shot and directed by djkage, showcases LOKYE’s eye for visual culture and features cameos from affiliates as well as close friend and collaborator NVDEEM. The track sports haunting vocals proper for this time of year, laid down in a song that shows his versatility in both rapping and singing; His voice can be heard sliding in and out of deceptively playful melodies and timbres that juxtapose sharply with the subject matter he touches upon.

Check out the new visuals below, and look out for more coming soon from this promising local artist with a studied knack for aesthetics and a tendency for pushing the boundaries between genres and creative styles.

Broccoli is a scientific artisan with a personality disorder. His work often centers around identity, the relationship between an artist and their work, and the psychology of emotion. He likes to lay out in the sun and grow.

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