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SINES – Gravity


There are many people who attempt to make sci-fi blissed out dance music. Many of them, if not all of them fail, due to their inability to consider how their listeners might feel about certain aspects of their spacey sound. SINES does not have that issue, and with this 13 track electro funk romp, prepare to buckle up and blast off into the final frontier of post-dubstep sonic totality.

“Gravity” recalls sounds and simulated love stories one would find on Lady Gaga’s early stuff (kooky computed piano against classical keys included). However, this group has a sound that steals with respective hearts on their sleeves. The beat behind Kitty Richardson as she croons, wailing and raving with ease about being stuck within her carnival of inner light.

She wants to leave those endless nights of repeated thinking, patterns, and relationships that have blinded her. And as for beatmaker James Wann? He keeps it cool, retro, and unabashedly corny, using sounds on this project that any modern hitmaker wouldn’t dare to bring back. It will pay off in the long run.

Take a listen to “Gravity” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section! Full song on Apple Music.

Nerds are athletic geeks, and what I like about this two player duo is there authenticity to be themselves regardless of electronic genre standards. They mix crunchy sounds like Ben and Jerry’s milkshake flavors, and, with an 90% hit rate of “damn I like this,” I won’t even go into my other thoughts on this project. I will only say that I like them. Quite a lot in fact.

Where many bands try to find their vintage sound, thank the rerouted Gods of computer theatrics that these guys exist. SINES tries as hard as they play, but you’d never guess it from the way these tracks roll off with such masterful ease. Take a listen for yourself to “Calling” and enjoy the audial galactic these astronaughties cook up.

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