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Millennium Resorts – Happiness


With classy hotel elevator boogie, this electronic soundscape radio single would be ideal at the end of a Mr. Robot episode. Breathy, loud, soaked in bass, and supercharged with echoes of guitars, Millennium Resorts deliver a fun piece of electro pop darkness. After all, isn’t happiness overrated?

Take a listen to Happiness and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

“We originally wanted to blend the sounds of synthpop, edm, shoegaze, and introduce a recurring motif with the key change that will lead into the final piece of the album. This particular track and the whole album in general has this theme that is inspired by watching countless episodes of VH1 behind the music and E True Hollywood story.”

This radio edit builds with a lot of blistering effects – reverberated drums, spacey sirens, and vocal work that contrasts the instrumental so well, Kid Cudi would probably be jealous he didn’t come up with this song first. The intro on the full version is a nice addition, but it doesn’t add as much as that electric guitar does later in the song. The bass gets a little louder, for better or worse, which is why I am sticking to the radio edit of this song.

If you like old Ratatat singles and the illusive keys of M83‘s best work, there is no doubt in my mind that you should stick this song in your ears with whatever listening device you prefer. What is nice about the edited version of Happiness is that it doesn’t drag on like the full version, the out of place synths aren’t as detrimental to the overall sound of this song.

I look forward to more music from Millennium Resort. They are unafraid to make their music their way, and if there is a chance of them finding the proper way to keep that operatic near 8 minute full song build up with their next radio edited single, they will have a bombastic hit on their hands. This guitar solo? Shredded like a roasted rotisserie chicken inside grandmama’s fresh homemade tamales… and yet the edit neuters this genius for commercial appeal. Understandable but ultimately disappointing when you hear all the lunar potential the radio edit could have had.

Overall, Scott Raulie and Jonathan Richerson deliver a solid track that shows a lot of potential for their imminent follow up banger. Give them a listen if you like AIR… hell, even Tame Impala.

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