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the last optimist – seed water sun


Not A Sound is a strong album opener for the folky, dreamy to dreary, inspirational ode to silence sound of snowflakes and ever-changing seasonal sound the last optimist creates for listeners. Where all people must turn new leaves if they wish to keep going, this guy shines a light towards his future instead of a rambled past.

There is a glowing strength on this song, maybe enforced by the chemistry between Danielle Pinals and Markus, or that one riff midway that takes me back to the single Oasis song I enjoy, that makes it a standout track here amongst nine tracks where some are easily forgettable.

The second one, Only Two Ways Out, needs four more attempts at double meaning to gain my interest, despite a killer guitar tone towards the end of the song and fatal war stories with dual choices for forgotten soldiers.

Markus had this to say regarding the project.

This has been a year of alchemy. Turning challenging times into poetry, poetry into song verse, guitar plucking into orchestration, and hard experience into resilience. ‘Seed Water Sun’ is the soundtrack for that rough ride of human experience in 2023 with moments of rage and sadness resolved by the salve, the antidote, and the solace that we are all searching for.

The album spans the age old influences of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and the transcendentalists while embracing the future sounds heralded in by Phoebe Bridgers, Julian Baker, and Finnegan Tui. When the end of the World seems upon us – the last of the optimists water the flowers. I hope you find some of yourself in the new songs.”

And while the intentions are certainly admirable, none of these songs reach the caliber of storytelling that Cohen, ETC had or have today… all but the first track. Perhaps sticking to collaboration would be a benefit to the last optimist, especially considering the fact he can’t be the last one if he has others by his side. Others who help to make his music twice as enjoyable.

This is a record released right in time for spooky season, and while there are only rare glimpses of good times seen after the stand out first song, seed water sun will certainly grow on some of you out there. Former emo kids? Goth soldiers? Check this guy out STAT.

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