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Eric H. F. Law – RECREATE


His acoustic guitar is as breathy as his vocal work and with that combo Eric H.F. Law delivers some great singer-songwriter music for fans of the genre.

“Recreate is a collection of songs that invites listeners to enter deeper into  “why” horrible things happened in our country and communities. Instead of angry songs of complaints that leave listeners overwhelmed and paralyzed, Recreate invites discernments that lead to a spirit of action rooted in our identity as human beings with memory of respect and kindness, with eyes that can see great things in the small and with a common connection to the LOVE that is our true identity – I love therefore I am. 

This ideal is induced throughout the nine track album, RECREATE, and that same identity crisis is explored in increasing detail with each song. There is no doubt that Jackson Browne is an influence here with the political slide Law grapples against. Even hints of Bob Dylan favoritism.  

From the killing of George Floyd a few years ago to the now infamous American January 6th insurrection, he connects pain with grace, truth with lies, and an undeniable courage of personal belief to push forward his vision for listeners in our continuing-to-crumbling fractured world.

Is some of it preachy? Yes. And to a degree that is the point. Eric has a voice, like many other references on the record, that should be heard. Even if you do not agree with him it seems his point is to try and find common ground with the listener.

He is subtle but cunning, with songs that reel you in with blissful guitar work. “Uneasy Glory” is a track that showcases his musical strengths, and while there are nine entrees of songs to choose from, I was left wanting slightly more than I was served up. The lofi reverberated grooves on “Uneasy Glory” match the blamed brother Biblical story incredibly well and when Law mixes up his sounds, he truly shines bright.

If you are looking for an artist to drive you over the hill of salvation, I don’t know who I might recommend. However, if you are in need or artist to share your suffering and tales of enlightenment with, listen no further then Eric H. F. Law. Give him a listen if you like Daniel Lanois or late seventies golden era songwriter savvy.

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