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Official Music Video: Alpo Ft. Tae Supreme – “Big Bank”


Minneapolis artist Alpo just released a new music video for his track “Big Bank” featuring Tae Supreme. The heavy-hitting beat is accompanied by a catchy hook with Alpo spitting his verse with a low-fi cadence and Tae Supreme with fast raps.

The song is an overall banger and the video, shot by Matt Wales, showcases high quality psychedelic effects.

By listening through Alpo’s Soundcloud, you can tell he has developed his own unique sound over the past 5 years that he’s been recording. The beats are all heavy-hitting with steady bass and many of them have an eclectic psychedelic ambience.

Alpo is a bit of a mysterious artist but from what we see he likes anime and feels “Misunderstood, Broken, Damaged, Isolated” even though his music doesn’t necessarily portray those emotions.

Take a listen for yourself:

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