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Latnie Gets The New Year Started With “Elevating”


The new year is always a time for growth and resolution. You may remember him from his October release, “Nu Legend.” Florida’s Latnie is back to step up his game in 2019 with his latest song, “Elevating.” With growth on his mind, he’s in a zone where he can only go upwards and improve.

He’s on a mission set to the tune of this 808 heavy Hip Hop song. The Ryan Layzer-produced track is the perfect addition to your daily commute or workout. No matter what you do in life, Latnie wants you to work to be the best at it. Press play and elevate all year long.

“I made this song for people who are making strides on a daily basis to reach their goals. Whether that’s getting an apartment or becoming the CEO of a company, this song is for you. I’ve always kept it real in regards to where I’m at in my journey and owned it to the fullest. 

I linked with Ryan Layzer after he sent me some beats. I had an idea I wanted to get out and I felt it on this track. Ryan locked in with my super producer, Darren Gooden, who co-produced it. They worked to get the right arrangement, mix, and final touches for me. I’m excited for 2019. I’ll be ELEVATING all year.” – Latnie

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