Home Music New single from Southwest Florida’s Latnie titled “Nu Legend”

New single from Southwest Florida’s Latnie titled “Nu Legend”


Southwest Florida’s Latnie is back with his latest single, “Nu Legend.” On this track, he tells a story about overcoming obstacles in his pursuit of legendary status. Amidst trials and tribulations, Latnie highlights inner peace as being as valuable as a Patek watch while reminding people that friends can turn to enemies (aka frienemies).

Latnie styles the title as “Nu Legend” instead of “New Legend” in order to pay homage to ancient Nubians from the Nile Valley. Latnie also makes a clear reference to Marcus Garvey and the Pan African movement by having the Pan African flag as the cover art.

“I want people to know everybody is born a legend. We have it in us. It’s just up to us to leave out marks on this world. I can do anything I put my mind to, including representing myself during trial and winning. I’m destined to win. I’m destined for greatness and nobody can tell me different.” – Latnie

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