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Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Reveals The Worst Makeup Mistakes Women Make


Professional makeup artist Sir John works with Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé. He was also a mentor on the show “American Beauty Star”. Being a beauty expert, John is always giving tips to women on how they can improve their makeup routine and looks.

One of his tips is making sure you have good lighting. He says; “Fluorescent lighting, which is common in hotel rooms, will distort how your makeup looks. 90% of the hotels that you travel to or stay in have awful lighting for beauty.” Sir suggests that you apply your makeup in natural lighting. Find a window–the natural lighting shows you how your makeup really looks.

His next tip is for finding the right foundation. To make sure your makeup is the right shade, John says to apply foundation to your jawline or forehead. He stated; “Your forehead is going to pick up the most sun, so that’s the truest place to find your color.”

Mascara and lashes can make the eyes pop but Sir John says overdosing on it can be a big mistake. He says that less is more when putting on false lashes and mascara. “You don’t necessarily need two pairs of lashes. You can do a couple of individuals, a lot of mascara, and still be as impactful and look as timeless as you can.”

These tips are simple and easy to do. Try them and you’ll see a big difference in your makeup application.

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