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Love Is Wise – Never2Late


Thought it doesn’t burn the brightest in the unending realm of “let’s band together and fight paid off politicians” schlock rock, Never2Late puts together a strong mix of sounds, samples, and alternative guitar.

Take a listen to “Love is Wise” and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The next single release is a reworking of “Love Is Wise” (I was never happy with the original bridge) as it is sadly just as relevant today as it was when I wrote it. Inspired by a quote from the philosopher Bertrand Russel “Love is wise, hatred is foolish…” – frontman SteveB

Love is championed and hatred looked at with anguish and deep scorn on this long brawling b-side of Jimmy Paige‘s go to power chords. Steve can play well and sing almost in tune, with the rough, raw sounds of classic rock tracking behind him. If you take the arena thunder of Led Zeppelin cover bands and cross it with Mark Knopler’s solo work, you will find “Love is Wise” playing somewhere in the distance.

Yeah it isn’t perfect, and yet against the odds of higher skilled musicians or better lyricists with heightened vocal dynamic, Never2Late make something memorable and infinitely playable for those willing to listen. To hear an album of these songs would be ideal, and if there is a chance of keeping the continuum that all time great Thin Lizzy once had, Never2Late will be super stars in no time.

Here is a link to their earlier work, which I am quite fond of.

With heart on their sleeves and aging grace in their bones, this bands breeds and breathes new life into the term “classic rock.” It is downright refreshing to see a group take old tropes to new heights, and they are bound to get even better once their next composition drops.

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