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Faron Sage – No Alternative


With a goofy dissonance and self-confident abandon of ego, Faron Sage cooks up a poetic spitfire of rants that would make Scroobius Pip shiver in his wolf booties. I say this with love, of course, and recommend this song for anyone that loves wordy, longstanding idealization, and Doctor Who levels of robotic choruses.

Take a listen to No Alternative below and let us know your thoughts on this ditty in the comments.

“Get back in your box its the only way to live” is fucking sublime and strangely groovy as a repeated line. No one else sounds like Faron Sage, and that is coming from a critic that is sent hundreds of artists a day, with almost all trying to mimic what’s hot, fresh, or formerly innovative. But Sage? He takes the theatrical cringe of a middle school theatre kid and reassembles his energy into a triumphant, analytical jam worthy of James Murphy‘s ears.

The drums go beyond the standard pitter patter. The keyboard sounds familiar but never ever stale. And the story told might come off Slick Rick outdated with its retro sci fi tale, yet, much like the rapper mentioned earlier in this sentence, Faron refuses to be anything short of authentic. Not to mention honest in an age where Tik Tok matters as much as Top 40 singles do for the modern “music fan.”

Before I end this review, I want to applaud the artist for being himself, creating something of individual freedom (mirroring the anti-swagger he rebels against) as well as genuinely fighting forces of suppression, whether or not they really do exist.

BUT YA KNOW WHAT REALLY KICKS UP THIS SONG? The wonky silly gluttonous breakdown this guy makes appear out of nowhere. It’s not only a highlight, with the chaotic community party hardy notions of a Nick at Nite cartoon, No Alternative is a supreme delight out of left field that I hope Faron keeps conjuring up. Well, at least before his government exterminates him.

If he needs a good doctor, I know a guy.

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