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Cerpintxt – microtubule encoded memory


Take the hallucinatory emotional aspects of the Blade Runner soundtrack, add a few dashes of haunting on-the-brink vocals doused in reverb, and you’ll find yourself listening to the experimental howls and growls of Cerpintxt.

I have to say, she gets freaky, and gets freaky right as well. Like her spoken word segments, with ASMR multipliers to boot, her damaging Cate Blanchett Galadriel dynamic is such a terrific segway into the five minute point of her thundering eighteen minute composition, I could not have dreamed it up better myself. And then the guitar, with major positive notes floating around the glistening minor chords, changing the sound before our very ears, becomes a real musical highlight. A mighty one at that.

The grizzled and blood red grass-fed grumbles of I assume Cerpintxt’s voice, are beautiful, slowed to complete molasses, filtering within and out of the electric clanking keys, strings, and singular effervescent final breath panache. I have not heard much music like this outside of soundscape drone music and where the intent of that genre seems to be making the most out of nothing while adding extra sides of dark temper for the sake of staying less boring, here, there is a cerebral, ghostly, and dwindled melting candle effect that layers this song into a series of individual dissonances, with an added state of hope throughout the latter. Doomed, so be it. The feeling is what matters above all else.

With guitar chords replaying in charades of familiarity, this song is like one big orgy for speed-savvy intellectual art history hoes. It sounds like the downfall of a fallen empire… and we are here for it. YAS QUEEN. SLAY. RAMBLED DISTORTED SOUND EFFECTS.

Melodramatic relaxation. What more could a world of androids need?

One of the best songs I have heard so far this year. Worth your time. Give it a listen when it drops in three days.

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