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MVI – In The Rain Shadow


Pleasant in sound, excellent in atmosphere, with the glistening melodies of a fair fall festival in a mystical, mythical place, MVI (Mark Vickness Interconnected) shine bright with their gobsmacking mix of acoustics, wind warrior high notes, and beats so infectious you expect someone to show up on tracks like High Desert. And when they don’t?

These instrumentals hold even more ground when they did for listeners when the first started jamming out, mostly due to this ability the group have, an ability I would call playing with light.

See, High Desert has no music video when you listen, no lyrics to assemble images for your medulla oblongata, and some how it delivers a literary depth of music only storytelling.

“Most of the music on In The Rain Shadow takes its inspiration from moving to the high desert (California’s Owens Valley) in late 2020. We live literally in the rain shadow, which is a meteorological term meaning on the sheltered side of a mountain range where there is less precipitation because of the wind patterns. Most of the titles on this recording are taken from geological or meteorological features we experience daily. These compositions are intended to reflect a new appreciation for the opportunity to absorb the wonders of living in the rain shadow. It is humbling, awesome, peaceful, thrilling, tranquil and beautiful.”

The next song, like a pattered mix of DMB in the early 2000’s and Call of Duty 2 B-sides, this elevator music banger is a consistent hybrid of traveled and hesitant. Elegant and alert, the guitar hovers into the picture with ease, and I’m thankful The Gorge turns into the borderline jam band end of a concert wallop of bending notes frenzy it truly is.

Well worth the listen… and the clarinet is fucking gorgeous against the fast to slow galloping percussion provided. In The Rain Shadow is a great listen for this time of year.

These guys know how to jam… and the songs they cook up are ones that will make your feet tap, head bang around like a construction site crane, and dance all over your kitchen floor. Mark Vickness Interconnected might have an odd name, but their sound is anything but.

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