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Lemon Knife – Ignite!


Ahh, Lemon Knife.

In theory, this is a band that on paper cannot fail. Husband wife duo where wife leads it all, shredding the bass at the front of the stage while hubby is hitting on the drums. So what about the vocal work? Or lyrics? Will these elements last as long as their marriage?

Ooohhh yeaaaaah. Allllllriiiighhhht. They are alright oh yeah, and on the second song, Astronomer’s Regret, I felt quite a bit of it listening to the lyrics and out of step singing these two cook up together. I don’t know or can’t tell if they were going for the bar band angle, but it seems like the wife and husband effect only goes so far when you aren’t fake brother and sister adorned in all red white and black (I think their names were Meg and Jack or something).

The element of connection is there. These two are in sync without a doubt, yet, even the paper thin emotional value of the late 90’s boy band held more listenability than this. And I love duos, especially couples going for that raw honest effect. However, beyond the name, Lemon Knife really do not have too much going for them. If anything, they would benefit from trying a new sound or possibly working out covers together, maybe finding a new angle entirely (with them still together) could work.

So here are my notes for Mia and John. Frankly, let her do the singing my guy. She has this bellowed Zevon vocal fry going on and the storyteller song Bizarre Love Triangle is one of the few standout tracks on this eleven course musical feast. If you like this one ditty, you just may enjoy the rest.

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