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Black Tish – Viral Apocalypse & Throbbing Flip Out


Considered one of the original creators of industrial electronica, it took these guys and their doom schlock act all this time to finally put together their first album. This name has quite a bit of potential… but do they live up to the hype? Depends how you define that dreaded four letter word.

Formed in 1988 in Brussels, Belgium, Black Tish’s sound was on the leading edge of industrial electronica, post metal and sound loop production. With its founder and producer, Bob Coecke being interested in the science of sound as much as he was in computer science, he used musique concrète-style loops, metal-style guitars and every available synth programmers to make the cutting edge sounds in Black Tish’s first album, Throbbing Flip Out. 

New Song 2020 is a scary one, yet, the guitar has this slippery evil quality that makes it twice as listenable. The gore and gloom Lost Highway effects work for this devil don’t care to show how much he really do sound Black Tish has here… and the second song on this album delivers the same exact energy.

Old Song 2020 has just as much heavy thunder guitar, just as much chaotic drumming, and breakdowns galore, though the best thing about it is the computed quality that makes the near seven minute song feel like the background music to that 90’s X Men cartoon. It is spooky but never truly horrifying, which sets it apart from New Song 2020.

And the title, of course playing into the first number on this album, makes sense contextually for a Brussels based Industrial group with such history (and strangeness). Once the song hits the two minute part though, the real fun begins, and I really started to enjoy the creeping six strings and soul splicing distortion that envelopes every single moment of the song. The mix is expertly done.

So, if you are a fan of destructive rock n roll, old school classic industrialized grunting, and a fucking shred fest of guitar bleep bloop music, this may just be your favorite cult band for the next decade. It all depends on how long you want to be frying your brain in electronic goo for. The way that these first two songs burn, I’d stray away from anything less than a day of high volumed high quality doom gloom.

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