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3Fifs – Dive in Deep


He spits it how he lives it, sips it how he gets it… 3Fifs could have slid on Kanye’s early stuff with ease.

With 2000’s slow and the right mix of grit and adlibs, this guy hits the scene and loves the way he sees people get jealous of his gleaming glamour. He stunts on runt gangsters and fake ass hoes, and loves his money much move than those who can’t be as loyal as his green is. For in his eyes, red off that Crystal lean, he knows how difficult it can be to put together a song as confident in its coherence as this one.

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think of Big Drip.

“Big Drip” Background: I’m a big fan of the show “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” and one day I hit a freestyle with the line “…and I’m aiming for the sky like Appa, nigga, ‘Yip Yip!'” When the engineer played the verse back, everybody in the studio was saying that part word-for-word every time it hit, so I knew I had to make that a hook. Next thing you know, I got this beat from my man Eugenius and said, “that’s the one.” It’s a very braggadocious song, but as the line says “I spit like I live it:”

I was one of the first people to reserve the new Hummer SUV straight off my car business money; my Mom and I lived in a homeless shelter when I was young, but now she has a home on 5 acres; and my Granny definitely was proud of me until he dying day. It’s a feel-good song with a bouncy beat and authentic realism. Hopefully others will relate.”

And while he shines here, the comparison I made to College Dropout era Ye shines much brighter on the follow up track, Dive In Deep.

The hook, the alien keys hitting out of nowhere while 3 just goes in over and over, showing us how deep he can dive, into his business, women, and total difference as an artist where copy paste flows are seen as good verses. Lydia Lyon filleting the beat in the background with her voice is worth the listen alone, yet, 3 has an ability to create a classic in real time effect, and he does that here with both of these songs. That work in itself is worth checking out.

Are they the most memorable songs? Who is to judge at a time where the guy is rising in the industry? The pairing only shows an artist giving his all and succeeding at it musically. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here, possibly cooking a new image or concept album could be great considering his references and storytelling ability coincide as excellent for an artist being the only rapper on this song split (no features).

If you love old school hip hop, want to hear someone on the come up, and love boom bap instrumentals with refreshed effects, throw on 3Fifs. Buying the mule, ehhh, I’d wait for the next album.

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