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Mel Monaco – Love Tides


It’s weird to write a sentence like this, but, for the moment, imagine a Steely Dan instrumental and a singer with a lowkey of Lizzo X Badu swagger. Well, that is, some how, the way I would describe Love Tides.

This song is fun. This song is exciting. This song is vintage and yet, released this year. Mel is adorable, funky and blossomed with the gleam of wise eyes, smiling coherence, and a wailing voice that never intents to overwhelm its listener. Her technicality is more impressive any way, with such persistence in changing flows, key, and breakdowns with ease you forget that you’re listening to a planned out recording.

“Love Tides is all about embracing the summer sunshine and celebrating love! With so much going on in the world, it can sometimes be difficult to remember that life is beautiful and we have so much to rejoice in, especially when you’re on a boat! We’ve been digging our sound lately, and we like to call it yacht pop!”

Sunshine. Blue skies. The rush of winning in life… or at least feeling like you are. This is the kind of stuff that Love Tides conjures up. I am here for it it. Ever since my first listen during the final seconds of this jazz romp. The way it burns with six different degrees of musical exuberance, a story about someone so self-confident they already know they have the goods, and then their vocals glossing over a beat that sounds like it was recorded in 1973. This mix works so well and while many say it shouldn’t, I ask them, why? Why why why?

Sunlight after midnight, the feelings of pleasure coinciding with animal urges, and just enough instrumental boogie to keep your feet burning for more, I would say to give this a listen. Then another. Once it hits your fourth or fifth time, stop dancing and get some water… before diving into the tide again.

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