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Before the Thought – Marc – E


Hmm… huuhhhh…. ehhhhhh…. I….I thin……think….. uhhhhh….ehhh…. huhhhh… hmmmm.

This is a tough one to categorize. While there is certainly a lot happening here, not too much of it is great. Or good. Or passable as dance music. The spooky aspect baked into the core of the song is nice, but other than that, this entire track is a mix of sludgy Apple loops, porno intro-slowed type beats, and X Files theme by way of D-list Chinese musician replication.

Marc – E has the ability to make a listenable song. There is no doubt in my mind that he does. However, this track does not do a great job at stating his case for future creation. The constant gratuitous repetiton of boooooooommmmmmmm wuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh grinding. The consistent stomach churn that would describe this mix, I almost do not want to share it.

Yet that is the thing, this type of ICP instrumental gluttony might be gutting to someone who thinks that electronic dance tracks should all sound like they were recorded (incorrectly) through a Sega Genesis.

“I wanted to create something with a much heavier sub bass than my last few releases. Something that is sure to shake the subs. I believe I was successful. My music has always been a blend between psychedelia and spirituality. This track leans more to the psychedelic side.

The bass? TOO MUCH. And while I understand that bass is the bacon of music to some, beloved deep-fried memery aside, this is a slog coated in drenches of overdone sonic templates. The ears have to be considered when listening to a song, you know? Here, I don’t know if Marc – E did that. I don’t know if he really cared to check.

Though I understand a need to explore new musical territory, this single is not the best example of a well made authentic and flavorful psychedelic song. It is good for bringing on nausea however… and we all know that next day acid feeling does wonders huh?

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