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Paul Feder – Never Sleep


Paul Feder makes electronic pop music that will carry you through your day. With caffeinated chords, crystal clear choruses, and enough effective sounds to make this three track EP worth listening to.

Take a listen to album opener “Never Sleep” now and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

To me, this guy has talent. Not just because he has dabbles of 2017 Kanye in full effect. Not just because he scrapes together these gothically haunted melodies like toddlers do spit bubbles. Paul Feder succeeds at showcasing his skills through a cohesive trio of mellow garbled sing song, with a strength in making each moment work together.

“My upcoming EP Never Sleep contains three songs I wrote in 2021-2022. It was a hectic time both in the world and for me personally and these songs come out of that era. In early 2021 I unearthed my 90’s Yamaha CS2X keyboard from my parents’ attic and began to play, channeling pandemic anxiety into what would become the title track of the EP.

The self-titled starter is the real highlight, though the two following tracks are nothing to complain about. Thematically, he really knows what he is doing, taking simple “I hope you had a wonderful day” dialogue and adding his own personal memories to our international conversation of collective emotion.

Never Sleep is dedicated to my father, Jack Feder, who kept encouraging me to “finish the songs!” when I had trouble letting them go. He passed away in December 2022. I produced the EP in my home studio in Brooklyn, and it was mastered by David Little Mastering.”

Even if you didn’t know that tidbit about his father, the slight desolate feelings he tends to are easy to spot on “Never Sleep.” Feder is capable of telling a story without letting too many details get in the way. He wants you to feel it instead of know it, and when you lose someone as detrimental to your well-being as much as your dad is, well, the EP becomes relatable by feeling instead of lyrical ability. Even without context, these songs are swimming in the budding temperament of an artist who knows how to demonstrate his musical vision.

That is what Paul has going for him that few artists nowadays do – the power and determination to get across sentiment without making it preachy and tacky. I’m glad Leger’s dad told him to keep going. He has gained himself a fan.

You should try his stuff out too. It’ll help you into or get out of your latest creative funk.

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