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Chandra – Lighters To The Sky


Feel good rock ‘n’ roll is hard to find nowadays.

“Lighters To The Sky” has the provocation of early 2010 Coldplay with a hint of low lite Foo Fighters. Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts below. It is free to download on Youtube.

“It takes being lost to be found” is simple line, but it says enough to get the point of this song across to listeners. To make it in life, one has to aim high to end up flying there, and the best way to go about that? Plan ahead and never surrender your dreams, no matter the circumstances.

Though the lighters being raised to sky might not be my favorite approach to letting lose and being free to fail, or supreme anticipated success for that matter, Chandra makes it work with his optimistic approach to moving forward with grace.

He encourages listeners to go for it, whatever IT maybe, and when the drop happens in this song, it works effectively to get the dramatic point across. Setting your sights on the stars and dreaming up your life has no advantage without follow through, and before you “blaze your trail” like Chandra says to, some stories or tales about his own setbacks would be appreciated in detail for his next release.

Chandra‘s “Lighters To The Sky” is high energy mellow track that unravels the treading line of having faith, belief in self, and never surrendering to the ever-present questioning consciousness that inhabits your brain. It gets better with each re-listen, and for a song that is all about getting over stumbling pain in the face of stumbling defeat, this is making a name for themselves as a help me to help believe in you storyteller.

Keep it up.

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