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Paul Supreme – Ninja Sword


This guy wants to be the love child of Drake and Post Malone, and though many artists nowadays try to imitate their favorite musicians and influences, Paul Supreme is keen to deliver his hodge podge of dance-screaming toe tap while denouncing the glory of his famous influences.

“I don’t care who you are when I meet you, I will never put anyone on a pedestal, nor will I ever look at anyone as lower than me. You could be Drake and I wouldn’t be in awe. I’d be like what up Aubrey. And if you were a bum on the street, I’d listen to you and help you if I could if that’s what you were seeking. No one knows what the true purpose of life is and we all share that. You could be the richest person or the poorest, but we all go to the same place. Drake and I will both return to the earth; he just might put his money in the grave while I wouldn’t.” 

Take a listen to “Ninja Sword” for yourself. See what you hear and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

At times, the chorus is a bit too loud and wails with Cobain Unplugged doses for my taste. Yet, the beat and the intention of the song is beautiful. Simple. To the point. Paul Supreme is all about aesthetics here, and the imagery he conjures up certainly barrows from Aubrey Graham’s playbook of Playboy-officiated heartbreak.

This is a song about balances in life; love and death, beginnings and endings, and certainly a man in the midst of trying to sort his life out and never knowing if he’ll ever get it quite right. He’s trying and trying to forget whoever tore him to pieces, but even the pain of that relationship resonates with him. Like a fresh flesh wound, Paul is bleeding love all over the place, and praying that some stealthy vixen appears to play with his “Ninja Sword.” Maybe clean up his blood-stained rug as well.

Sure, he sounds out of key and broken at points… do we hold that against Kid Cudi? Certainly not, and while this song is far from perfect, it shows an artist falling from the darkest night of their lifetime and ends with them moving forward. The chorus goes on for too long, but the sentiment remains astonishing. Give him a listen if you’ve been headbangin’ to The Kid Laroi and let us hope Paul Supreme comes back with an stronger single next summer.

Stream “Ninja Sword” on Spotify.

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