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Don’t let the 1997 caliber album art fool you. There is magic hidden here.

With a big love for old school Radiohead, K4LT cooks up some hydraulic-hysteria worthy of those long lost OK COMPUTER meets King Of Limbs demos. Take a listen for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

While his vocals certainly are not on the same whining mumble Thom Yorke has mastered, this instrumental certainly makes up for that. The glitches and swiftly shifting computed chords of keyboard, turning ’round and ’round in lost-by-the-sea foggy drones, captures this songwriter at his most post-punk melancholy. Not to mention his most damaged.

He might be unsure of his singing as well, considering how much reverb is on his voice here, but hopefully that will change. There is a lot of goodness in K4LT’s graciously deviled track, creating a moody atmosphere worthy of Fiona Apple‘s early stuff. “LCPD” is K4LT´s first single in two years and addresses one of the most painful breakup types: An amicable one. Since the release of the first EP “Endgame”, the loss of loved ones and various other personal setbacks lead to probably the most difficult time in K4LT´s life. This shows throughout the record and becomes intentionally unbearable to hear, just like the feeling of a mutual break up.

A lot of artists like to make their music as refined and try-hard perfect as the latest David O’Russell film… and while his singing certainly could use a bit more definition, this is a solid song with depth and poise. The singer is as broken and murmured as the instrumental he is collapsing behind. As an ambient piece, it works alternative wonders, with the same assorted disparity Richard Dawson is known for bringing to life.

Listen to this if you’re going through a breakup, feel alone in this world, or want to know what it is like to live inside a melting Windows ’98 start up disk. Get back to me if you have yet to explode from deadened love radiation.

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