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breakk.away – I’ll See You When the Night Comes


With building vocals, dramatic piano, and a relatable story worth sharing, breakk.away has stolen my ears. This is a great song for the triumphant, the resonantly-damaged, and for anyone that wants to feel like they are living in a movie.

The ambitious 5-piece band initially met in school together, and now collaborate internationally, with members residing in Canada, Mexico and France. Take a listen to “I’ll See You When The Night Comes” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The group is already celebrating the near 40,000 views this track has on Youtube. And deservedly so, for in a post-Adele & Evanescence world, this song is original and fresh while wearing influences on its melodic sleeve. Think Lana Del Rey with a heavier, damaged metallic twist of the ol’ Charlie XCX likability.

The new single is a deeply personal release for the band, themed around a universal human challenge. Palpable emotion and lofty atmospheres pervade this epic new release.

“This song is about addiction but in particular, an addiction to negative, depressing thoughts that can spiral in your head in the middle of the night. It is told from the perspective of someone who has suffered and is in pain. Still, because it has become a standard, almost routine-like part of their life, they develop a sort of Stockholm syndrome and fall into a false sense of security or safety, leading to an addiction to the pain. This song is based on a real experience one of us had and is deeply personal.” – Case Fadell (guitarist)

This quote hits the song right on the head, and though there is not an explicit telling of drugs, the addiction to suffering is prominent. The vocal work, done by the wondrous Jessica Li, is beautiful, breathy, and aching for someone to take her by the hand Joy Division style. The song would still be good if she wasn’t on it for the strong instrumental alone, but with her pervasive fluttery, the group scores a home run here.

“I’ll See You When the Night Comes is the first song we made together that made me feel like we worked together as a unit – where each of our distinctive styles added together to become something that none of us had the capacity to achieve on our own” – Jessica Li

It makes sense that this is their first collaboration together because this song seems new and polished at the same time. Without a follow up, it stands on its own, yet I am left wanting more. Why? Because “I’ll See You When the Night Comes” is as beautiful as it is tragic, as hardcore as it is ambitiously mellow, and understated with rife, strife, and looking forward to the future… whatever the universe may bring you.

One of the best songs I’ve heard so far this year. Give it a listen and make sure to keep up with them. I think they are going places and succeeding with each step they take.

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