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Les Techno – Make You Feel Good


With heavy on the flanger flair, slightly too high volumed vocals, and percussive growls of ambient bliss, Les Techno is definitely a big Eno era Bowie fan. It shows in the amount of care he has for the sounds he creates, completely matching the lyrics of heartfelt love lorn bliss he sings about.

Take a listen to “Make You Feel Good” and let us know if, well, it makes you feel good.

Les Techno presents songs of social satire with sonic influences ranging from hip-hoppy grooves and 80’s punk-wave to electric guitar psychedelia and feel good electronic music. This song, however, is the type of thing that soak Sofia Coppola’s pants, mixing older man with emotive and guitar tones as smooth as his voice.

Sure, there are some off-kilter sounds that take away from the moment of mournful farmer’s market nostalgia this guy loves to sing about… but none of those factors take away from this innovative flip of post-punk 1983 was a hell of a year sonic capabilities.

I frankly love the guitar riffs that happen within the last minute of the song, like an early Phish lick taken to the reverberated max and one second delay extreme. Les Techno is worth the listen, and hopefully, with a slightly better mix to their soundscape on their next release.

In Perks of Being a Wallflower terms, this is a song that will make the young feel infinite and the old feel… well… infinite again. Whatever that means, it is good for your ears as much as your heart.

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