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Antman Ant – RESONATE


Antman Ant makes music ideal for AMC TV hits like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and other classic dramas. His stuff is growing in scope and what makes his batch of house music nice is his ability to take in his influences as well as dish back their aesthetics in a fresh, newly approached way.

The British musician and Producer meticulously crafts a really mesmeric Ambient-tinged funk experience on his new album “Resonate”, released on April 7, 2023 for all streaming platforms.

Take a listen to his title track, “Resonate,” and let us know what you think below!

“Resonate is an album that’s meant to be listened to from beginning to end. I love vinyl for this reason and would like to release something on that format one day. No skipping pausing or rewinding, just enjoy it. While testing Resonate out, it’s proved to be a great driving album.

What makes the title track stand out so much isn’t the sonic beauty of it, but in Antman Ant’s ability to mix sounds with tremendous grace and depth. Brassy and electrified, terrorized and ambivalently hopeful, “Resonate,” slaps together a bunch claps, stomps, and deep house grooves to make everyone from your grandma to newborn child get down and dance.

His music has soul and is terrifically mixed, with the title track being a fervent mix of ready for war thunder and dance until we drop jamboree. The only downside is that as great as these songs are to listen to in the moment, they are far and away from memorable when your earbuds aren’t in.

But hey, give him one more album and I know that will change. We need more house music like his.

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