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Stan Snow – Into the Great Beyond


With jams that a Phish phan would certainly phuck with, Stan Snow has goodies for all your boys, girls, men, women, and children too. Singing of fallen angels and lost horizons, this guy throws the dice between intentional lyrics that’d make wise fools grin and rocks a electric guitar so dynamic, he should open for Derek Trucks as soon as possible. Hell, even Trey Anastasio could use someone like him.

The two opening songs are fun ditties, I like them fine, but the third track titled “Now” is where Stan starts to show his influences in all the best ways a fan can. With a chorus akin to early 70’s Townsend, power chords included, Snow is definitely a Dave Matthews lover… or at the very least appreciates Dave’s ability to blend genres like Jimmy Buffet did margarita mix with ice.

Though there isn’t a song as memorable as the latter two artists I mentioned, this guy keeps the good times rolling through out this long and winding album. He is keen to state his beliefs against mechanical truths, and with a band behind him as precise as this one, he should maybe start taking note of some. Starting with some better song titles for tracks as vibrant and colorful as “Fight.”

There are twelve songs on this project, with one released as of right now. Take a listen to “Change” and let us know what you think.

To me, this isn’t the highlight of Snow’s Into The Great Beyond. It is a solid B of a song, with a riff the surges back and forth like the ocean waves his music video above showcases. However, all that I know will be gone like the wind, and if he keeps playing his cards right, Stan and his tunes will still be here shining and shindigging into the lawn seated future.

Let’s hope he keeps making music that shreds with the packed coffeehouse boogie he exudes so well. Either way, the band seems to be as enthused as he is when collaborating together. Perhaps they should all take a listen to “Sultans of Swing” before their next recording session.

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