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Movement Festival 2023: Don’t Miss AK


We’re just about a month away from one of the biggest annual music events in Detroit, Movement Electronic Music Festival (fka DEMF). As such, we will be bringing you pre-show coverage on all of the reasons that you should attend this year, as well as recap coverage from last year’s fest + much more.

Today, we’d like to tell you about one of my personal favorite artists in Detroit right now: AK

Case and point: check out her featured movement playlist on SoundCloud, which you can find above.

First of all, how about that first song?? “You Don’t Love Me” by Dawn Penn, c’mon now.

And then around the 1:40 mark, things start to get super real, and it simply doesn’t stop from there.

If you want to check out a great conversation with AK written by a really super amazing writer (with coincidentally the same name as me), you can check that out via Paramita.xyz

Have I convinced you yet? No? Well this is a short form series, so get with it!

AK plays on the Detroit Stage at Movement on Saturday, May 27th, and you are now officially obligated to be there.

Tickets and more info at https://movementfestival.com/


Article by Matt Boettke

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