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Night Hymns – Blue Bottle


If you wish George Harrison was in a slicker than Rick indie band (let alone was still alive) boy do I have good news for you. With happy screeching vocals, giddy choruses, and forever trying to satisfy their feast for reverberating riffs, Night Hymns have made something fun without the usual “how can I make my band sound like _________” emulation.

Frantic and focused, the Vancouver-based group shine with simplicity and jingle jangled electric guitars. Take a listen to “Blue Bottle” and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Buy them a bottle or they’ll take it themselves! Their Canadian gusto is reminiscent of nineties titans, Oasis, just without the millions of dollars split between brothers who ultimately hate each other to pieces. The lyrics are smarter than they appear on first listen, much like the aforementioned Super Wonderwalled Bros, but with music so sharp and bouncing, Night Hymns appear to be just getting started.

“I am almost completely self-taught. I picked up the guitar only to play rock and roll. If rock music never existed, I probably would not be making music right now. Call me the latter-day slacker rocker if you like, but the very idea of taking guitar lessons seems odd to me.”

And that shows on “Blue Bottle.” “

Lyrics like “don’t think about me once or twice before you rise up to the surprise” have their own flow, much like the individual whose self-taught six string wizardry will continue to gain him success, Wei. This guy knows what he likes and is able to write songs from the perspective of feeling he is, quote, “living like a happy fly.” The buzz is certainly there.

“I got the idea in a café called “Blue Bottle” on a trip to San Francisco. The name just tickled me because it reminded me of a fat fly, probably because the café was not located in the tidiest corner of the city.”

As strange as it might seem, this fly in the bottle approach pays off. Give Night Hymns a listen if you like Arctic Monkeys or cult classic Supergrass. I pray they cover them one day…

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