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Mark Wise – The Fire Within


Loud, break beat-infested, and ridden with a mix of styles that would disorganize Rob Zombie, Mark Wise makes work out music for demons and metal heads alike. The difference between him and most faker-than-fake imitators is the fact that he gives every second on this techo-heavy rocking seven minute track his all.

Is it without gimmick? Far from it, but it would be terrible to listen to if any other artist attempted to make this crashing dance novelty a reality. Mark makes it special somehow, smoldering embers and all.

Take a listen to “The Fire Within” below.

“I grew up listening to grunge, classic rock, and various shades of metal, and this release is the culmination of my entire musical journey from getting into grunge as a little kid in the mid 90s, to taking up percussion in 5th grade, playing in a band with friends in high school, starting to DJ in college, finishing my first ever electronic production in 2011, picking up guitar in my mid 20s, and taking on the Mark Wise name in 2017 and making techno my sole focus.

All of it has led to this, and the day this was released on Beatport was one of the proudest days of my life.

This is the kind of song you would hear on a mid 2000’s hockey game for the PS2. At points rarely anything happens, like the robotic breakdown in the last minute of the track. And yet it works, much like the rest of the six minutes scoured about here, piercing wake the fuck up and take your vitamins mayhem. “The Fire Within” is an anthem that succeeds on bringing down the holy house and raising ancient spirits at the same time.

However, this is nothing new. From Marilyn Manson to Infected Mushroom, hell even Criss Angel, gothic-emoting tough guys have tried their best at immersing their listeners with this type of hyped up sound to relatively modest success. Mark Wise sounds like he is in the process of perfecting his beautiful misery and “The Fire Within” is without a doubt his best song yet.

Give this guy a chance to make your devils dance… or else he just might curb stomp you.

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