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Geoff Gibbons – Feet Out the Window


“The song was born after a conversation with a friend who had recently gone through a tough marriage break up… wishing to remember his former partner in the best of their time together.”

I like Geoff Gibbons and have reviewed his work before. He seems like the kind of guy that Tom Petty would have gotten a long with, hailing get-over-her-heartbreak with good times, fun, and just the right amount of americana country between the ears.

Right from the opening notes of “Feet Out the Window,” fans of Harry Chapin should be smiling, with jingling guitars, cool slide breeze, and easy-rolling turn back time melody. Where many artists struggle to make a song borderline interesting, Canadian country king Gibbons knows exactly what to do sonically and lyrically, thinking every step of the way while letting his heart do the talking.

Take a listen to “Feet Out the Window” below.

Yeah, the video isn’t anything special, failing in comparison to the song itself, but Geoff is a musician first and a sound marketer fourth to fifteenth. The chorus is warm and his vocals refreshing, pausing at points to add cadence and tenderly reflect back on “finding your troubles” in an open road of sinners trying their best to be saintlike. I stress the word trying.

It would take a miracle for country stations to start playing songs as good as this one, and heaven knows I hope they do. Gibbons is an artist able to roll by easy in the sun, staring into the past not with sunburnt eyes, but with a well-lotioned SPF savvy. He might be angry at some, but he would never show it. He’s much too cool (and humble) for that.

Not wishing to rest musically, Geoff has spent the last couple years solidifying his position as one of Canada’s best kept secrets, building his own studio and expanding his sound. Continuing to work with esteemed producer John MacArthur Ellis, the music he is writing now is as fresh and vital as anything he has ever done. Gibbon’s songs reveal new layers with every listen, subtly turning casual listeners into lifelong fans.

Easily one of the best songs I have heard this year, and definitely one you good ole country boys should have on repeat. Don’t forget to kick your shoes off. Makes this campfire boogie all the better.

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