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Trensettahs Sound System – La Fiebre


Deep fried with energy and squash splash rhythm, Trensettahs Sound System eat the Baha Men for breakfast. Heavy on hooks, these are Afro-futurists that deliver the good times without a hint of fentanyl to be found. Reggaeton is the better drug anyways, right?

Take a listen to “La Fiebre” and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Sure, the creaking bed is a dated gimmick, but so are posse cuts like this one… and yet… somehow some way… Sizzla Kalonji keeps coming up with funky ass shit like every single day. His vocals are the highlight here, and like Snoop reference I just dropped, the persona he embodies is believable in La Fiebre. Is it goofy? Yes. Overtly so, and with the right amount of bad boss swagger. The kind of guy to say “quit your job and start working on my dick, I have a conferance at noon.”

Think Dr. Dre of Reggaeton. Or at the very least, Xzibit.

Rhyming nipples with ripples? Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr couldn’t say it better… and though La Fiebre is a song filled to the brim with repetition dancehall hustle, that doesn’t take away from golden ad libs and the infectious beat Producer DJ Fyahman serves up like perfectly spiced jerk chicken. There are more than few great background vocals that appear on the song.

Founded in 2015, Trensettahs is a band of musicians, DJ’s, visual artists, thinkers, business people, and tech pioneers. The collective’s current project, Black Sounds of Freedom, is an expression of arts, culture, history, academia, and futurism… let’s just hope more of the Black Powered™ intellectual side of Sizzla shows up. Because as much as that hook gets the people going, the tenets of his ethos aren’t easy to find other than a looped “WHIP-WHOMP-AFRIKA” between the sweet as cane bars.

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