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Erik & The Worldly Savages – FUTURE THUNDER VOID


Erik & the Worldly Savages raise a voice for all those who dream of permanently traveling the world… and quite a few of the songs on this album live up to that searching for sweet life dynamic. Though starting of the record with some irritating vocals is not the best proof of their musical mastery, the Worldly Savages are a force and, at points, Erik is too.

Project Founder Erik Mut is a man on a mission, having broken the shackles of Western society and trailblazed his own path of rebellion, adventure, leadership and musical passion. His powerful Folk Punk project Erik & the Worldly Savages musically and lyrically reflects his manifest philosophy of seeking personal freedom, cutting ties with the past, reprogramming your mind and embracing life wholeheartedly. 

The odd thing is trying to decipher what kind of group these slick savages are. Former bar band on the rise to evolving their frequent flyer miles? Maybe. Tryhards sincere in what believe to be true? Absolutely. Cliches included. Take a listen to “Thunder in our hearts” to get a better audial picture.

With scrawling “they don’t understand” emo melancholy (while preaching heroic, electric aortic gospel) Erik sets himself up as a poet prophet and walks a fine line between both. Because he is “loud and proud with the sound of thunder,” he can ignore a critic who thinks his lyrics need a lot more refining. Let alone the backing band behind him has such high caliber range they mesh with the stereotypical by the numbers “look at me Mr.Dylan” Donovan vibe Erik supplies.

Like Goldfinger before him, the not quite yelling indoor voice vocals make “Scarcity” the ideal choice for an album opener.

He preaches against the rich, elderly, and intelligible as if they all come from the same group. Maybe in his eyes they do, all the while using a goat-headed tarot card as the album art for FUTURE THUNDER VOID. Yet, the band behind him is brilliant and when he chimes in with “I’m gonna make it rain, follow me” prowess, you might almost believe him. The hamster wheel wanker deal line… take it or leave it.

Worth a listen for the instrumentals alone, ERIK & THE WORLDLY SAVAGES are an engaging group on their way to their better, more coherent follow up record. Give it a chance if you think world peace isn’t trademarked and bottled to collectors across the globe. Hey Future, what’s their destiny?

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