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Emery Pulse – Heart Fulfilled


Beyond the brink of bubblegum pop and farther away from absolute perfection, Emery Pulse delivers a brand new take on 80’s synth ballads that would make M2M & Kate Bush smile.

“Heart Filled” is dated in all the best ways, with romantic optimism, a love-centered mindset, and I’ll never get over you but I damn sure will try my hardest to forget you heartbreak. Take a listen yourself and try not to get distracted by the music video.

The chorus is what makes this such a fulfilling track, with some sentimental Julee Cruise at the time of Twin Peaks’ peak of popularity. She goes into overdrive musically, and the backing beat behind her is as smooth as Pulse’s voice. To hear her cover a track like this one would be a dream… let’s just hope Brett Brown and James Auwarter are still around producing and mixing her aesthetic.

I’m not saying she is talentless on her own, in fact far far from it. Emery Pulse has a vision with this song and brought it to life on dat Kanye and yuh boi Mike Dean follow through. Reminiscent without stealing and poignantly sincere (with a mute on her forlorn button) Emery has her Pulse on what she wants and also what she needs musically.

Sure the intro isn’t too memorable… but that doesn’t matter when someone with this potential is moving forward with their dreams… let alone succeeding on their own terms. Just wait until she hits her payoff. Hopefully she can get Blondie to feature on day.

 Emery Pulse exudes a child-like sense of wonder coupled with adult self-reflection. “Heart Fulfilled” is a fun song about the big questions most people tend to ruminate on. What could have been? What will be? But importantly… when is her next single going to drop?

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