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Eclipseye – Whap Clatter


This song is bloody, brilliant, and guttural with terror. The beat syringes on a corrosive level of swaddled and skid marked fear, scrapping by on ashes and anti-war statements. “Whap Clatter” is a daring track, the kind of song someone in a movie puts on before robbing a bank or killing a zombie horde.

Recorded only a few month’s prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Whap Clatter stands as a statement against war mongering among other global issues. The single uses vivid imagery and symbolism to explore the pretenses, impacts and aftermath of war, as viewed from both sides of the new iron curtain. 

And for artists these days so reliant and flaunting their knowledge as much as their bank accounts, Eclipseye stings with a sound as original as their lyrics. Packed with early 2000’s rap metal savory, Eclipseye describes himself as a transcendental anarchist, and with is his Russian-born migrantisms at the forefront of this project, he’ll have nothing but success until the end of his cult-static career.

Here, Eclipseye is intent on trying to disengage the impact of  the Ukrainian war, with a flow as atomic as the weapons soldiers are currently using. The bravado he displays is something true, sentimental, and still refreshing to anyone who may not like the shock wave body rock hip hop this guy cooks up.

Like a Crayola box of blood drenched in melted Butterfingers, this song is art cranked to its highest form of sonic sweetness, with political anthem and believe your truth states of consciousness mixed into its dark rainbow. Give “Whap Clatter” a listen if you like mind expansion, heavy beats, and learning through music. Rage included.


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