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Red Bird Rising  – My Revolution (feat. Taras Kuznetzov)


Red Bird Rising delivers the goods on “My Revolution,” a song that trips and stumbles with lowly reverb and haunting vocals. 

Songwriter Diedrich Donald Weiss brings his best lyrical ability to the forefront on this track, with his musicians right behind him, hungry and passionate, illustrating Diedrich’s anti-war beliefs with their years mastery playing each their respective instruments. 

The chorus here repeats with a light speed, each turn reflecting the eerie, inviting, and at times dislocating guitar lines on “My Revolution.” This is a song of optimism and has the type of instrumentation on a Dave Matthews band song. 

It hurls and twirls and scatters across the ears, yet has a story behind the good time dreary lovelorn echoes the last minute of so it contains. The narrator cannot go it alone, even in war, he realizes one must have a revolution within oneself before even thinking about conquering another continent, country, or town. Let alone person.

Red bird Rising cooks up a satisfying triumph about inner prophecy, growing older in a nuclear age, and losing those we love along the ways of time. Give it a listen if you like singer songwriter music on the seventies.

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