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Reginiano – Time to Let Go


Without a word spoke between the band, Time to Let Go shines as a prime example of bettering a song the longer it stays playing. The flute-savvy tune is something that is in part romantic and also a bit melodramatic. It mends  wounds while  reflecting on them, the growth of human connection over time, spent between those that matter most to us, even if they are no longer here.

In the last minute, the slight vocal break adds even more meaning to this piece. It barely hangs in there, a shrugged and mellow guttering over the sweeping orchestral backing band, and yet it stands out completely,s showing how ones voice can shine and harmonize with the world of music and other musicians around it.

“Time to Let Go” is a captivating blend of guitar and flute that will transport you to the vast desert landscapes of the Middle East. The guitar’s warm, rich tones provide a solid foundation for the soaring melodies of a traditional Arabic flute. 

As the music builds, the two instruments interweave in a mesmerizing dance, evoking the golden hues of a desert sunrise. Whether you’re a fan of instrumental music or simply looking for something new and unique, “Time to Let Go” is a must-listen. So sit back, relax, and let the music transport you to faraway lands.”

One might call this a mix of vacation mellow, but then that would be taking away from the sweeping drama of those opening flute notes. In short, I feel like “Time to Let Go” is a song that chooses to remember the good times in life, or maybe the positives instead of negatives, no matter the cost. There is not a shred  of anger to be heard here, only  a feigning to  go back, to return to a time where the water was wetter and the air fresher. Whether it existed, like the voice we hear in the last thirty seconds of the song, is up for the listener to decide.

Definitely worth a listen or two. Check this song out as soon as possible. 


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