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Moment – In Time


Slow drawl early 2000’s NYC Times Square hip hop is the name of the game for Moment. With horns to the 11th and bars recorded with minimal effects, the album is something to easily add to your party playlist. Storyteller rap with replay value, Moment delivers a project worth listening to.

Here, Moment (Mike Masch) does his best to try and sound like his heroes, a lot of that Santigold era Beastie Boys. “Better Now” has the end of a movie credits sequence sound to it, with talks of stress fading and fentanyl kicks, Moment has a lot to say behind his mumbled reverb vocals.

The guy finds strength in his robotic, follow-the-flow, rhyme scheme. For him, every day is Halloween, and his sound is something that tries its best to pay homage behind a mask of imitation. “Party On Me” is a highlight because it sounds like no one else I can think of. This guy brings his A game with a doozy of authenticity; nerdy, confident, flirty, and recharged in rented sounds to deliver a flavor of fun old school boogie.

Then you have tracks like “The Movement,” and while I understand that rap for some is all about following the cliches, this track lacks a lot of the creativity and originality that makes “Parry On Me” shine. It is a song made with brains though repeatedly trying to preach from the heart. It becomes tiresome while not really saying too much over a spookier than needed beat.

As for the album closer “Triumphant Rebel,” Moment really goes for blending the 2014 fuck with me you know I got it backing beats of every rapper than Summer. What makes his music different this day and age is its ability to have a retro hype, a believable blend of I have heard this before I swear swagger despite being an original track. In Time is a great album for hip hop heads, and for it to end with a song with no lyrics, blending melody up melody of different sounds, it shows promise for the future of Moment and his career.


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