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DJ Patsan – Come This Way


With a groove, warmth, and old school flavor, Come This Way is a song that seems like it could do numbers in Japan. The heartfelt melody with the 90’s dj tier percussion flows with the keyboard to create a track that reminds me of Dance Dance Revolution.

What makes Dj Patsan cool here is that he knows the secret to a good old  fashioned dance song: a story being told through the lyrics AND music. Come This Way has a hypercharged by the ocean rhythm to it that aids the song as much of the story the song tries to tell. All I know is that if someone tries to set you up at a pub, you should go. No hesitation. Just go!

Thailand-based House/EDM Musician and Producer DJ Patsan has announced the release of his electrifying new club-ready single “Come This Way”, due for independent release on January 28th. The rousing new release includes a radio mix plus extended and instrumental versions composed in house, dance and commercial pop styles with an Americana meets electronica vibe. “Come This Way” is a musically fresh, heartfelt and immediately danceable release from a world class DJ.

There are few artists in the electric dance music field that have their own sound. This guy does, and what makes me  even more intersted is his ability to mix songs together in a unique way. In a would where country disco is not as strange a commodity as it used to be, it is refreshing to hear a song like “Come This Way” in 2023. 

This song seems to be one with instant replay-ability. With the same “treat a woman right and love her so” sentiment that deeper Aqua cuts had, Dj Patsan’s Come This Way brings house fun, a smooth sailing trippy atmosphere, and enough good vibes for everyone this side of the sun.

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