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HiTech is taking over the Bruiser Thanksgiving stage tonight at The Russell Industrial Center!


HiTech is one of the most promising local acts to come out of Detroit in quite some time, and tonight they will be gracing the stage courtesy of the legendary Danny Brown for the 9th edition of Bruiser Thanksgiving, along with the likes of Omar S, Tammy Lakkis, the Bruiser Brigade crew, and more.

We spoke with the group about the show and what to expect from them coming up, check it out below and be sure to be on the look out for what’s next from this incredible force in Detroit local music.

1) How does it feel to be playing Bruiser Thanksgiving this year? What are you most excited about?

Feels nostalgic. It feels like the door being opened to be able to change the culture with what we’ve been doing. I’m ecstatic about that. I’m excited to be able to share the stage with someone who pioneered my music, Danny Brown. It was him and Ab-Soul. -Milo

I’m excited about performing obviously, but also being able to share the stage with other artists that I’ve seen come up. Sharing the stage with niggas like MIKE, I’m definitely a fan of that nigga music. I’ve been rocking with that shit for a minute. Really everybody on the lineup. People that’s close to me and people I know being on the lineup just shows growth and progress. -47Chops

It feels incredible. I’m excited that some of my friends are on the lineup as well. And just to rock the crowd. This is my first time going to a Bruiser Thanksgiving and I’m performing. -Melly

2) Who else are you most excited to see on the lineup?

I’m excited to see Zelooperz. Z my peer, for real. We both started doing music around the same time, and a couple of the other members that were a part of Bruiser Brigade early on. He used to say shit when I was onstage like, “that nigga up next”, that nigga always show love. -Milo

MIKE, Danny Brown, Omar S, and Ziggy Waters! I always wanted to see Danny because I seen him in a movie, White Boy Rick. I always heard about it him throughout the years. Also Ziggy’s been putting in so much work throughout the years. Me and Ziggy used to be roommates, and it’s crazy to see how much she put into it. -Melly

3) What should fans expect from your performance? How do you hope they feel during / after the set?

People should expect an experience. Every time we come together and perform it’s always an experience, it’s not just a performance. We engage with the people. It’s like a party. Rather than entertaining the people, we’re getting lit with the people, whether it be Milo and Mel or both of them in the crowd, or niggas doing “Henny and Runtz” in the crowd. It’s such an all around fun experience that people get to be a part of. -47Chops

They should really expect to sweat, be high and drunk as fuck. They should expect to fucking release. We about to be in that bitch breaking shit apart, from the cultural structure down to your mental. -Milo

They should feel like they should be prepared or not prepared, period. You never know what’s going to happen. It’s like hitting the randomize button. -Melly

4) Anything else we should look out for coming up?

Hi-Tech album. FXHE (record label) releases down the board. Videos. And a shift in the culture, big time. There’s a new sound. -Milo

You fucking niggas heads up off that one. -47Chops

The new Hi-Tech tape coming out pretty soon! -Melly

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