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Review: RPxSB – CREATURES (Acts I-III)


San Francisco-based Indie Hip Hop trailblazers RPxSB (or Roddy Picante and Stay-Bizzy or Rock Plaid and Survive Bullshxt) announced the release of their ambitious and heavy-themed triple album entitled “CREATURES (Acts I-III)” earlier this month. 

Act I was released August 26th, the following part Act II on September 2nd, and finally Act III on September 9th. The project was released through the artist’s Vibeland label imprint… and it is all I’ve been listening to this week.

There’s no one else I’d rather spend the end of times with

With “Skyfall” as an opener, this is an album for hip hop heads that love laid back ambition and skyrocket beats. Talks with your granny, situations with family, and smiling all the way to bank are the elements that make this first track such a strong one.

Right from the start, Roddy and Stay-Bizzy go to work with their self-expression and talk about rebuked pasts. And the pay off for listeners? The fact these beats match the quality of the lyrics this duo spits like Bazooka Joe.

The album stays consistent through and through, with RPxSB‘s bad habit bravado “Mac Miller’s Message” being a stand out here.

The song is a sad warning to those that live in the past and how drugs can limit as well as maintain one’s own imagination. “I’m very intricate like Larry Fisherman” indeed… but that Arthur Miller reference? It just shows the amount of dedication to situational references these two both succeed at delivering.

Bold, genuine and uncensored, this project delves into real life themes and all their inherent problems while musically experimenting along the way with reckless abandon. Fans of artists ranging from Dom Kennedy, Earth Gang, Odd Future and Larry June should find something to enjoy in this wide-ranging collection.

And speaking of wide-ranging bangers, the Act 3 JOPO beauty “Jaded” is something RPxSB fans will be playing on repeat. This is the kind of song you play on an off day, where you teeter on the edge of “fuck the world and thank my haters” antics.

In a world where Domo Genesis fell off, it is reassuring to know RPxSB is out there making cloudy insouciant “nice guys finish last” underground rap. This is the kind of album you give a listen to in your car as the sun sets. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.


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