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Review: Main Focus – Lauren G


Lauren G flaunts her flashiest vocals yet with her latest single, “Main Focus.”

There seems to be a trend this year. Many artists, whether they will admit it or not, are trying their hardest to mirror Beyoncé’s early 2010 era sound. And as for Lauren G? She is a living, breathing reminder of taking that same musical sentiment and trying to find her own sound through new moods and grooves. Take a listen to the track yourself.

The song is just over three minutes long and Lauren’s vocal really picks up about sixty seconds after the song starts. Once she begins to match the cracked, snappy core of the beat behind her, “Main Focus” goes from Sasha Fierce fan fodder to in the club with your girls low-key banger material. When she steps out of her comfort zone, Lauren G soars.

It is a breeze of a track that delves between the lines of trust that Lauren has for her lover. She talks about the issues of staying in her lane, being direct to those that try to get inside her head, and what it means to have someone be the main focus of her life while trying to maintain their affection and admiration as well as other people trying to steal her lover from her.

This new piece showcases Lauren’s powerhouse voice (with glitches of autotune included) and distinct musical personality influenced by downtempo r&b, stringy pop glamour, and hip hop. The track is addictive for someone in-between a breakup or impending makeup, accompanied by an official music video where the New Haven, CT native emerges as a rising star.

“I find inspiration all around me. I make my music representative of myself and feminism, in all aspects. Everything I speak is my truth. My main goal is to inspire people through my lyrics, especially women.”

So if you’re looking for a female-friendly crooner that strengthens your soul with every listen, give Lauren G a try.


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