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Video: SadboyTripp “Fuck Amerikkka”


SadboyTripp celebrated the 4th of July a little differently this year, dropping a brand new video for his standout track “Fuck Amerikkka,” which sheds light on the darker side of this country and makes a bold statement rejecting the notion that America is a utopia like many would like to believe.

We had a conversation with Tripp about this new video and what it means to him, check it out below and look out for more coming soon!

Tell us about who you are and what you do.

Hi I’m Sadboytripp! THE LAST ROCKSTAR LEFT!!! I Make music for those who feel alone! I make music for the out last and those who don’t think belong anywhere… I’m here too show the world it’s okay to be who you are and you can DO ANYTHING! 

How did the idea for this song come to be? What was the inspiration and what motivated you to create it? 

Tbh the idea of the song came shortly after the LA riots as me and my best friend H3 Stumbled down Hollywood Blvd we seen the LAPD harassing a hopeless homeless man and I begin to chant “FUCK AMERICA” and then the rest of my friends joined in and I knew at that point this is the song the world needs. This is the song that will make you stand up for what’s right and give you the rage too fight back! 

Tell us about the video: how did you make it, what makes it awesome, and how does it expand upon the essence of the song itself?

We decided too go back too we’re the song was created for the full affect so we can feel the energy! What makes the video awesome is complete anarchy I’m burning the flag! I spray painted FUCK AMERICA on the flag and wore it as we Raged thru Hollywood screaming Fuck America and causing havick on the Blvd.

What do you want people to know about the song and the video? Why is it important to you, and how does it relate to the rest of your music catalogue? 

I want the whole world to see what’s really going on in America and how it really is. Everyone has this false perception of America when in reality it isn’t what it seems. Everyday people are mistreated taken advantage of and lied to not only by the police by the government and sometimes even our own people. America is a melting pot evil that’s ran off of the need for wealth. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer… it hurts and angers me to see what’s going on in our country and the fact it will never change is sad.. so with that being said… FUCK AMERICA. 

Anything else we should know? What should we look out for in the future?

I just want the people to know I am the voice for the ones who don’t have one. I will expose the government, police and all the racist who  make this country a disgrace until there is change for the people. As of the future I have another HUGE song for the summer called the “ Rockstar anthem” and it will hopefully take your mind of this sadness and give you a sense of joy and happiness for the summer!!! I just want you all to know I love you so so much!!  and i feel your pain! YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS WORLD!! 

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