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Artist Spotlight: Wurl Sotto’s “ANDROMEDA”


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Wurl Sotto was raised outside of Detroit, and from a young age he became aware of certain socioeconomic privileges and bore witness to the consequences of scarcity. He recognized the division in American society and the lack of national cultural unity; his name was inspired by the time he spent studying abroad in Japan. During that time, Sotto witnessed firsthand what it was like to stretch yourself to new lengths to understand other perspectives, something he thought lacked in the American mentality.

The idea of embracing each other’s differences is what inspired him to create his brand, WURL. Wrong URL is based on the image of the media obsessed society we live in now. People can be watered down to a simple google search. Technology can give us the opportunity to perpetuate societal norms and stereotypes, or it can give us the platform to show the different sides of who we are as people. Sotto proves in his activism and lyricism that he doesn’t fit into one norm or stereotype (especially as a Hip Hop artist), and it is his purpose to elevate above that rigid mentality. “Sotto” stems from Latin and Japanese meaning – in Latin, it means “a subtle tone,” which alludes to the subtlety of his lyrics interwoven with his political messages. In Japanese, Sotto means “to be an outsider to a society that you are craving to be a part of.” These cravings and thoughts are part of the human experience, and Sotto’s goal with his music is to evoke feelings of acceptance, understanding, and purpose in his listeners.

We caught up with Sotto to talk about his latest release, ANDROMEDA, as well as his journey through music and life in general. Check out the conversation below, and be sure to check out the project wherever you get your music: https://unitedmasters.com/m/playandromeda

How did you first get into music?

My earlest memories of music take me back to car rides with my mom to and from church listening to Tom Joyner Morning Show everyday, listening to the classics like Diana Ross, MJ, Stevie Wonder. I think that always gave me a strong foundation and understanding for how music should make you feel. 

What was the first project you ever downloaded / purchased?

First album I purchased with my own money I scrapped together was Get Rich or Die Trying. Classic. Aquemini was shortly after that.

How has the pandemic / 2020 in general influenced your creative process?

I found this pandemic was a true test of ones will, purpose and perseverance. Everyone where you looked, every day another negative story. I personally lost quite a few family members during this time and was ill for a period as well on top of trying to keep everything afloat. The creation of this album gave me inspiration, gave me an escape from the reality that forced on millions of us, with thousands lost in the wake. Without music we as humans would be separated from a huge part of expression.

How does this project fit into your musical catalogue and your journey as an artist / person?

Like no other, this piece will open a new door and will eventually lead to another. I can only focus on being as genuine with my music, while being humble enough to know that I will always have room for growth.

What do you hope that people will think / feel when experiencing this project?

As I touched on earlier, I was in a dark place when I was completing this album not only in my physical but mental health as well. This album gave me an outlet to spread hope and motivation, I felt it give me guidance everyday that grew stronger. I felt like a kid again just wanting to put a smile on someone’s face, and it just clicked if that’s not the point of it all…what is?

What’s the one thing that you want people to know about this project, and about you as an artist? 

No day is promised. Take every day, every step, every breath being present. Thank you for being here.

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