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PREMIERE: 6ohnson’s “Poetry in Motion”


Kyle Johnson, a.k.a. 6ohnson, is a young Michigan artist whose presence and promise reach way beyond his years. With Poetry in Motion, 6ohnson showcases his strongest collection of songs to date, blending effortless delivery and quality production into a masterclass of versatility and constructive experimentation.

We spoke to 6ohnson about his background, this latest drop, and what it all means for the future going forward. Peep the convo and run the project below, and be sure to look out for what’s next from this exciting and talented artist in Michigan’s local music scene.

B: Tell us about yourself: How did you first get into music, and what has led you to where you are today?

I first got into music around 15 years old, rap battling against older kids at school for fun. But when I bought my first mic, that’s really when my love started to grow. Putting my songs on Soundcloud is what led me here today; seeing how people could interact with my music from all over the world got me super inspired. Interacting with them in person and performing is where it all feels real though. As the numbers grew I quickly realized this is something I wanted to do, I want that kid in their bedroom to feel like they can accomplish something crazy, I want people to make memories to this stuff, and possibly change each other’s lives. 

B: Tell us about this project: What were the inspirations? What was the creative process like?

Coming off 1 million streams on Soundcloud, a tape sounded well overdue.  This project is heavily inspired by envious moments with old friends, heartbreak, and being counted out, but also a celebration of overcoming it all. This project talks a lot about how certain people and energies can hold you back. Playing this back 100 times it sounded like high energy poetry to me. I spent many sessions this summer cooking up with my engineer Joe Jackson, the creative process was super organic and fun. Every time I leave the studio it feels like we made a hit, that’s one of the best feelings. 

B: How does this project fit into your overall discography and artistic evolution? How does it connect what you’ve previously released with what’s to come in the future?

This project sits in my discography as my best work yet. My sound has definitely been evolving over the years and this project marks a shift in my sound. I came into this industry  under “Iamkylejohnson” dropping 3 projects “No Hard Feelings” (2018), “Incognito” (2019), and “Then Came Johnson” (2020). Now this is my first body of work under “6ohnson”.  Poetry in Motion sets the tone and the blueprint for what’s to come next. This shift was needed. Younger artists are about to start leading the wave and I’m one of them, especially in Michigan. This is phase one. 

B: How do you hope people will feel when they listen to the project? What does this project mean to you, and what do you hope it will mean to the fans?

When people play this project I hope they feel energized and ready to accomplish something. I hope they listen and can reflect on where they went wrong in life and how they can make it right. I think the classic, religious / spiritual samples put the listener in a space to where they feel rejoiced. I want them to truly feel how it is when the underdog starts winning. I hope this is something me and the fans can look back on and be amazed about. This work feels like a seed of manifestation to me and I hope listeners can use this to manifest their goals. None of my fans have heard me like this, which is perfect because I feel like this is the next wave. I hope this project makes noise in Michigan.

B: Do you have a favorite song? If so, why?

My favorite song off the project is “Holy Matrimony,” because it’s one of the hardest rap singles I’ve recorded. It sounds like a nightmare to me and I think I showcased on that track what’s to come from this pen. I also mention “San Marino” in that track, that’s the street I grew up on in Southfield. That neighborhood holds many memories of mine, good and bad. 

B: Anything else that you’d like people to know about this project, or about you as an artist?

I want the new listeners and the fans to know that I plan on being here for a while and I plan on staying consistent with great music and art. The goal has always been to make timeless music.  I don’t believe in overnight success, I want to enjoy my time on the way up and collaborate with other talented artists as time goes on. I’m hungry for whatever this industry has to offer.

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