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Premiere: Bryce The Third Returns with New Single “Vignettes”


“Vignettes” is Bryce The Third‘s first release in quite a while, but the subject matter couldn’t be more timely, both personally and in the context of the world today. 

While his last full-length project Internal Revenue just turned two years old, Bryce’s motivation to continue pushing and developing his artistic vision and message is at an all time high. With a renewed passion and an artistic approach that is sharper than ever, “Vignettes” promises to be an exciting point of reference on the past, present, and future of one of Detroit’s hidden musical gems.

Check out our conversation below, and stream “Vignettes” now!

Processed with VSCO with kp2 presetTell us about this song: what inspired you to want to release it right now?

If I could have dropped “Vignettes” yesterday, I would have (laughs). I just know it’s time, it’s time to offer people a different perspective. It’s time to break the ice. 

What was the process of the song like? How does this fit into the rest of your musical catalogue?

A vignette is defined as “a small illustration or portrait photograph which fades into its background without a definite border.”

That’s what I tried to do with this song; just as things came to mind, they made it in there. I’ve also been practicing not writing on paper – I basically rehearsed the song from the jump and just memorized these random snapshots of my life into a song. It’s kind trippy how it came together.

Tell us about what this song means to you, what is significant about it for yourself and for people that listen to it?

This song IS me. “Vignettes” is literally a moment in time in my life. I have a feeling that there are more than a few lines in there that others will be able to relate to 

How does this song represent a turning point or reinvigoration of your musical career?

At this point, I really feel as if I’m tapping into what makes me tick musically. Like I’m really becoming more “at home” in my voice. I’ve learned that my sound is a reflection of my life. In life I’ve found that there is always opportunity for growth, and that has made its way into how I create. I don’t like to stay in a box. Next time you hear Bryce The Third, it probably won’t sound the same as last time you heard him. And that’s definitely by design.

What do you hope that people will learn about Bryce the Third from this song?

I think “Vignettes” is the perfect catch-up for those who’ve been with us, as well as a great tap-in for those who are just joining. The song gives a glimpse of the sonic progression that we’ve been making for a while now, and it’s also a good warm up for what’s to come.’

IMG_5317How do you hope that people will feel when they listen to this song? What do you hope they will think about?

I’m just excited about the feedback to tell you the truth. I’ve learned that once I release something to the public, it no longer belongs to me. So I’m curious to see what the people do with it, that’s what I’m most looking forward to. 

What’s coming up in the future? How does this song fit into what’s coming next?

Wherever we go from here, it’ll be ‘Deeper Than Luck’…that’s what I know for sure.

How does it feel to be looking back on your older music (i.e. Internal Revenue) at this point in your life?

Growth is a potentiality, but NOT an inevitability. It feels good to look back and see that I’ve been able to take advantage of that potential – mentally, musically and lyrically. You really don’t know that growth has taken place ‘til you look back and see it all come together. It feels good. 

How does that perspective of looking back inform your process moving forward?

In some ways, it proves to me that some things that I knew in my spirit to be true back then, really were the truth. We have a few more eyes on the movement now. It also shows that we have a long way to go to manifest the things that haven’t come to fruition. In short, I’m motivated to stay the course. 

Anything else that you’d like us to know?

Tap in with me on IG @BryceTheThird, and let me know if any of the content resonates with you. 

If you’re on the path of bringing your ideas to life, DON’T QUIT. We need you. Resilience is required to take your ideas from conception to creation. Take the fumbles to the chin, learn the lessons, and help as many people as you can along the way. 

It’s not ‘luck’ that you are here. Manifest your purpose, and shine bright so that others can have a reference point for what it looks like to take it all the way!


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