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Reeves Junya drops new MySpace-themed track

Reeves Junya drops new music


A couple years ago we wrote about Reeves Junya as one of the 5 Rappers You Need To Know About RIGHT NOW, and since then he has been living up to that potential, gaining steam and expanding his resume beyond the musical spectrum.

One thing that originally surprised us about Reeves was his interest (as a rapper) in business outside of rap music, which is only a feature of the upper echelon of rap elites. I’m talking about the likes of Snoop Dogg investing in Reddit (now one of the top 10 websites in all of the US), Jay-Z becoming a billionaire off of his own brands, and 50 cent “accidentally” becoming a millionaire from his bitcoin investments.

Think of it as a predictive signal — what do these people have in common? They start with music, then leverage that success to achieve business dominance.

Ever since he started with a music career, Reeves Junya has expanded his talents to include modeling, directing music videos and developing brands. Our sources tell us that he’s currently incubating a new brand (known as “Alienz Only”) that is going to change the media landscape.

Meanwhile, he hasn’t slowed down his music hustle. Just today he premiered a new video for his track “MySpace”, referencing the iconic social media platform that paved the way for Facebook, the biggest social media platform of our generation.

For those of you who remember the glory days of MySpace, I think you’ll find some solace in his new track referencing the iconic social media platform and similar tools like LimeWire.

Interested in more from Reeves? Stream his latest project, appropriately named “The Internet Changed My Life”;

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